Communicative and connected

Open dialogue and the proper assessment of the situation is the basis of our cooperation. This requires trust in people and their services as well the right gut feeling. We carefully weigh risks and opportunities and have the courage to approach things differently. In doing so, we combine professional precision and emotional competence. We integrate and harmonise our skills, knowledge and international connections with your needs. Goals can be achieved and ideas successfully integrated only with well-thought-out planning and a clever strategy. Counselnet sets your ideas on the right course and gets to the heart of your business figures. We confidently navigate the rugged fiduciary and auditing terrain and competently accompany you to your goal.


Are you aiming high?
We'll help you get there.

Financial services are our passion, your challenges the way ahead, and common perspectives the goal. Take the next step to the top and contact us.


Experience is mirrored in the knowledge of your own abilities and limits.

Our core business is highly developed services in financial, tax and commercial consultancy for individuals, SMEs and medium-sized companies. We create added value in all disciplines of our core business. We combine expert and emotional intelligence with our international connections and are the personal full-service partner for our customers in all areas of financial services.

Mission statement

The journey is the destination, if the direction is right


We don’t dabble with taking risks – we calculate them. We only set out with the right partner to offer them the best service and accompany them the whole way.


We don’t force a race to the top and we have the courage to approach things differently. Our staff provide a secure foundation. Teamwork makes us strong


We complete our tasks cost-effectively and with careful precision. We work towards a common goal with focus so that together we can make it to the top – with certainty.

The higher you go the more important is your reliable partner.