Always a leap ahead

Counselnet offers carefully considered solutions in fiduciary, tax and management consultancy. Our satisfied customers include individuals, SMEs and large businesses. With our services we create transparency for your stakeholders’ demands and bring order to your figures. We are your personal and uncomplicated full-service partner for all issues relating to financial services.


You determine the route to the top

We prepare your business figures so that you can start out for new summits. It is possible to plan and negotiate with confidence and success only if your finances are in order. Counselnet will show you how to further optimise your business and identify additional latitude for your plans and ideas. You decide which services you need based on your goals. We provide your results in a nutshell – flawlessly analytical and suitable for any budget.

Our services

General and sub-ledger accounting, Consolidation, Year-end and reporting, Budget, finance and liquidity planning, VAT accounting

We provide competent answers to complex tax issues. These days, they affect many important business decisions, regardless of whether the company acts on a regional, national or global level. As an industry expert, we advise your company on the right tax strategy and demonstrate the effects on internal structures and processes

Our services

Nationale und internationale Steuerplanung Steuerdeklaration, Einsprachen und Beschwerden Um- und Restrukturierungen Mehrwertsteuerberatung, Verhandlungen mit den Steuerbehörden (tax ruling)


Rising to the challenge together

Companies in various sectors go through constant processes of change, triggered by changing parameters. Volatile change and legal amendments are shaping the market and transforming the competitive landscape. This requires sustainable and inspired solutions. We are your ideal and reliable partner. At the same time, the dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience with you is very important to us. We design processes and strategies with emotional intelligence, persistence and love of change so that your company has a solid base and maintains realistic prospects.

Our services

Incorporations, Investment and financing consultancy, Stock and business valuations , Holistic succession planning, Conflict and crisis management, Business mediation


Getting up to speed

Concentrate your resources on your core business and increase your productivity. In payroll and personnel administration we offer you highly developed services and draw up contracts and provide legal consultancy in addition to taking on accounting. That allows you to focus completely on your core business.

Our services

Wage payments and accounting, National insurance management, Drawing up employment contracts, Legal advice in the area of employment law


Your base camp for new expeditions

We take on operational and administrative tasks on your behalf. Take advantage of our many years of experience and our well-founded network of contacts and relationships. Counselnet is well connected, competently manned and discreet in communication. We have the technical infrastructure and personnel resources to meet your consultancy needs.

Our services

Registered office, Position of domicile, Investment management, Board of directors mandates, Business mandates, Financial transactions

We don’t dabble with risks – we calculate them


Make the journey with us

Financial services are our passion, your challenges the way ahead, and common perspectives the goal. Take the next step to the top and contact us.

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